Do you know the secret unwritten color code that hinders color blind people in their everyday lives

If You Have Just Discovered That Your Child is Color Blind Then You Need To Read This Page

Discover the only book that speaks directly to parents of color blind children. Written by an author and teacher who is color blind

Dear Parent

Color blindness is a health issue that rarely makes headlines in the news. Can you ever remember it being talked about on any magazine program on TV? Neither have I. Despite this lack of information, color blindness affects millions of children and adults every day of their lives. It seems that the medical professionals do not see color blindness as a big issue and not worth paying any attention to. But if you have just discovered that your child is color blind then you want answers and you want them now.

I trust that I will be able to answer at least some of your questions about color blindness here. Questions like these…

  • Is there a cure for color blindness?
  • Why do I feel guilty about my child being color blind?
  • What causes color blindness?
  • Can girls  be color blind?
  • Are there different types of color blindness?
  • How can I help my child who has just been diagnosed as being color blind?

Here are a few rather shocking statistics for you.

  • 7% of all boys will have some degree of color blindness
  • 0.4% of all girls will have some degree of color blindness
  • There are few if any organisations dedicated to helping people with color blindness
  • No two people have the same level of color blindness, it is different for everyone
  • There are NO books written from a parents viewpoint… Until Now!

Color Blindness

Naomi DaviesIntroducing Color Blindness – The Unwritten Code. The only book that answers the issue of color blindness from a parents point of view.

My name is Naomi Davies and I am color blind. You wouldn’t think it from the video above, would you? (By the way, recording that video was one of the most nerve racking things I have ever done).

I am here to tell you that being color blind will not stop you or your child from living a full and complete life. In fact some people hardly notice their color blindness in their daily lives. For other people however, it can become quite difficult to do certain everyday things like choosing clothes and knowing if the dinner is cooked properly.

It is for people like you that I wrote “Color Blindness – The Unwritten Code”. The big issue for many parents is the huge guilt they feel for bearing a child with color blindness. I know you will look at things differently after reading this book.

In it you will discover how I have grown up with color blindness and how you can overcome all the potential difficulties that this condition brings. Not wishing to brag, but I know what I am talking about here.  My father was color blind and my son is as well. You could say that it runs in the family. That is certainly true in my case. As I grew up I needed answers to my questions about color blindness. I found them and have compiled this book in the hope that you will also get those answers you seek.

Here is what the book covers…

    • How Color Blindness Is Genetically Inherited – One of the longest sections in the book and very enlightening.
    • The Unwritten Code For Color In The World
    • Why People With Color Blindness Make Mistakes So Easily
    • How To Overcome Color Blindness In Ten Key Areas Of Life
    • What Makes Us See Color And How We Interpret Color
    • 27 FAQ’s About Color Blindness – You need this information

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As well as the main book you will also receive the BONUS PACK of links to a large number of websites and videos that further explain everything you need to know. Think of this as an early Christmas present.

wrapped present

      There are many hours of materials for you to look through. You will know and understand all you need to know about color blindness as you watch the videos and read the other materials.

One Final Thing! – Direct Email To Naomi Davies!
Up until the end of 2013 I am going to be available to you by email to answer any questions you have about color blindness. The details will be sent to you with the Color Blindness book. This will not be extended into the new year so take advantage of this while you can. Note: I will be personally answering your emails. I will not use staff for this.

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I also give you my firm and honest guarantee that you have 60 days to read the book with no risk to you. At any time you can request a refund if you are not totally delighted.



Here is What you will receive in the Download File immediately after you order online.
      • The Main book “Color Blindness – The Unwritten Code” US spelling edition
      • This is over 100 pages of solid information that you need now!
      • You will also be sent the file in UK spelling edition for those ordering from Great Britain
      • Christmas Present Bonus Pack of links to important online videos and Color Blindness websites
      • Naomi Davies personal email address. You can ask questions or just text chat online. Your personal feedback is invaluable to me. – This ends on 31st December 2013 – no exceptions
      • This is a digital product only – nothing will be sent by standard mail. Everything is delivered directly to your computer or tablet device as soon as you order.

I know you will want to help your color blind child as much as you can. Color Blindness – The Unwritten Code will be the most important resource you can own to do this.

Yours Sincerely

Naomi Davies

P.S. Remember that you will receive my personal email address to ask any urgent questions you have about color blindness. Only available until 31st December 2013.

P.P.S. The Bonus Pack is included free of charge during the launch period only.